Your Impact

With your help, IOCC is able to provide life-saving and life-sustaining assistance—without discrimination—to some of the world's most vulnerable populations:

  • In Greece, nearly 13,000 people received basic food assistance
  • In Lebanon, more than 40,000 families in need improved their household nutrition with IOCC’s help—including many affected by last summer’s explosion
  • In Ethiopia, IOCC reached about 37,000 people through hygiene-promotion workshops
  • In Jordan, over 4,600 people with disabilities received physiotherapy, disability aids, and other support through IOCC, helping ensure they can participate in everyday activities
  • In the US, IOCC helped more than 12,900 people through emergency response, emotional and spiritual care

Keep in mind that every donation you raise, no matter how large or small, helps IOCC provide the tools needed to help rebuild communities, one family at a time. Thank you!


  • $25 can provide 50 schoolchildren in Lebanon with milk, an apple, and peanut snacks.
  • $55 can provide a family of four in Greece with a prepaid grocery card for a one-month supply of fresh, locally grown food.
  • $100 can help train four people in Ethiopia as community leaders who in turn teach others how to prevent and treat podo.
  • $430 can provide one hearing aid to enhance a hearing-impaired Syrian or Jordanian child's ability to participate in school and society.
  • $850 is enough to cover a five-month course of study for one young woman or man in Gaza, equipping them for a new career.