Your Impact

With your help, IOCC is able to provide life-saving and life-sustaining assistance—without discrimination—to some of the world's most vulnerable populations:

  • In Syria, over 275 homes were rebuilt or repaired, serving at least 1,400 people
  • In Greece, at least 11,000 people received basic food assistance (parcel, hot meal, cash, or voucher)
  • In Georgia, more than 80 clinics or hospitals received pharmaceutical donations or medical supplies
  • In Haiti, more than 275 students completed a year of school through IOCC-sponsored support
  • In the US, more than 9,600 people facing crisis received emergency-relief services

Keep in mind that every donation you raise, no matter how large or small, helps IOCC provide the tools needed to help rebuild communities, one family at a time. Thank you!


  • $25 can provide 50 schoolchildren in Lebanon with milk, an apple, and peanut snacks.
  • $55 can provide a family of four in Greece with a prepaid grocery card for aone-month supply of fresh, locally grown food.
  • $100 can can provide eight people living with podo in Ethiopia with shoes specially designed to protect their swollen feet as they begin treatment.
  • $430 can provide one hearing aid to enhance a hearing-impaired Syrian or Jordanian child's ability to participate in school and society.
  • $750 can provide a 650 square foot greenhouse for a low-income farmer in West Georgia.