About the TEAM IOCC: Akron Marathon 2019 Event

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Race to Respond?
In 2002, five dedicated IOCC supporters led by Jim Angelus made history by riding their bikes cross country to raise awareness and funds for IOCC's worldwide humanitarian work. In honor of IOCC's 20th anniversary, Jim, along with two other cyclists, rode 3,000 miles in 2012 to once again support people suffering from war, poverty, and natural disasters around the world.

Now, Race to Respond is a program that everyone can participate in! We invite you to become part of TEAM IOCC in any competition you may be participating in. Dedicate your efforts to helping those most in need by fundraising, asking friends and family to sponsor you. Race to Respond demonstrates how the efforts of a few individuals can make a world of difference!

Why Akron?
IOCC volunteers in Akron have been working for years to help spread awareness about International Orthodox Christian Charities' global humanitarian mission. In 2014, Akron locals traveled to Baltimore to join TEAM IOCC there--and loved it so much that they took the idea home with them! Now in its fifth year, TEAM IOCC at the Akron Marathon Series is a great way for the local Orthodox community and churches to support those in need.

Are you an official partner charity of the Akron Marathon Series?
No. TEAM IOCC will be participating as an unofficial charity team.