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Deploy 8 Frontliners
Deploy 8 Frontliners

Whether it's a tornado, hurricane, flood, or another devastating event, IOCC Frontliners offer emotional and spiritual care to the people affected. Each Frontliner is a professional trained to care for others: some are priests or chaplains, counselors, social workers, or therapists; others are medical professionals like EMTs. As a group, they are well equipped to support both people facing trauma and the first responders and emergency workers serving them. Your symbolic gift of $10,000 is enough to deploy 8 Frontliners for five days.

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*Notice to Donors: The IOCC projects and specific uses of funds described are general, and may apply to different projects at multiple locations. Individual projects and activities may be modified, reprioritized, or replaced periodically. Donors' gifts will be included in funds allocated from time to time to support all projects on the basis of current and future needs and priorities, in IOCC's discretion.