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Provide Clean-Up Buckets after Natural Disasters
Provide Clean-Up Buckets after Natural Disasters

By providing clean-up buckets, you enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood, hurricane, tornado, or other disaster, including in the United States. Each clean-up kit includes a five-gallon bucket, sponges, scrub brushes, laundry detergent and more. Your gift of $65 covers the cost of one clean-up bucket to help a household that has survived a natural disaster.

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*The examples in this catalog are for illustrative purposes. IOCC will use your gift, and that of others, to accomplish its overall mission of assisting families and communities to help themselves. Since 1992, IOCC has been transforming lives with innovative programs that prevent the spread of disease, equip farmers with tools and training, educate school children, build the Church's ability to help the poor, and deliver emergency supplies to those who have been caught in war and natural disaster.