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Sponsor a High-Schooler at Serv-X-Treme
Sponsor a High-Schooler at Serv-X-Treme

IOCC's youth conference is designed to pair an Orthodox understanding of philanthropy and service (diakonia) with hands-on service opportunities. Each day includes time for worship, instruction, service in the community, reflection, and fellowship. The conference aims to have a participant from every diocese under the Assembly of Bishops, fostering relationships, as well. Your gift of $900 is enough to cover one participant's cost, allowing them to grow in their faith as they put it into action.

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*The examples in this catalog are for illustrative purposes. IOCC will use your gift, and that of others, to accomplish its overall mission of assisting families and communities to help themselves. Since 1992, IOCC has been transforming lives with innovative programs that prevent the spread of disease, equip farmers with tools and training, educate school children, build the Church's ability to help the poor, and deliver emergency supplies to those who have been caught in war and natural disaster.