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Provide Short Term Employment to a Student
Provide Short Term Employment to a Student

As of 2016, Gaza has the world’s highest number of young adults willing, but not able, to contribute to their society’s advancement through gainful work. This percentage will only increase as the region’s youth population grows. IOCC's Short-Term Job Opportunities Project for Gaza Youth matches 18 to 24-year-olds local organizations, where they earn income and hone their professional skills through on-the-job learning. Your symbolic gift of $350 is enough to provide a stipend for a university graduate to enroll in this project and improve their employability while supporting their family. 

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*Notice to Donors: The IOCC projects and specific uses of funds described are general, and may apply to different projects at multiple locations. Individual projects and activities may be modified, reprioritized, or replaced periodically. Donors' gifts will be included in funds allocated from time to time to support all projects on the basis of current and future needs and priorities, in IOCC's discretion.