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There’s a new product in the Gracͮanica Monastery’s shop: locally grown, house-milled whole-grain flour.

Two new production lines equip the monastery to process its own grain and make it the go-to for local farmers, who bring wheat, rye, barley, and more for purchase and milling. Funded by IOCC and installed with partner AgroLink, the facility is part of a years-long IOCC initiative supporting the Church’s efforts to better serve surrounding communities.

Working closely with His Grace Bishop Teodosije of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raška-Prizren, IOCC is helping develop a stable grain market. As the Church becomes a trusted buyer for local farmers of all backgrounds, household incomes and food security increase.

Added capacity also means the Church can extend its reach: new facilities produce food for its humanitarian kitchens, Orthodox seminary, and local schools—plus generate income for additional ministries.

With the mill lines complete, the next installation was equipment to produce livestock feed. When full-scale production begins, the Church will raise sheep, goats, and cattle as another source of food and income, in addition to selling the feed itself. Training for farmers complements this work.

The program is helping revitalize local farms across this traditionally agricultural area, which has the natural resources needed for a thriving agricultural economy. In this light, the small packages of flour represent a big vision and a growing hope.

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