Souper Bowl Sunday 2018 Is Around the Corner!

Team up with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) in our 20th annual Souper Bowl of Caring. Rally your parish and church youth to champion this social service ministry by feeding the poor and caring for those in need around the world.

Just follow the simple guidelines to lead your youth towards becoming Souper Bowl MVPs! 

  • ANNOUNCE that your parish will be part of the Souper Bowl of Caring, and ask parishioners to bring a nonperishable food item and small monetary contribution to Liturgy on Sunday, Feb. 4.
  • DISCUSS the Souper Bowl with your youth group. Lead them in a discussion on community service and serving the poor. Read the Parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible (Luke 10:25-37), and relate the teaching of "helping our neighbor" to Souper Bowl service activities.
  • DECIDE to which local food bank or soup kitchen you will donate the nonperishable foods collected on Souper Bowl Sunday.
  • CHOOSE a monetary goal for your parish to raise for IOCC, and collect funds on Souper Bowl Sunday.
  • COLLECT the donations on Sunday, February 5. After services, the youth should stand at exits with large soup pots to receive the donations. Other young people can help pass collection trays at the appropriate time.
  • DELIVER nonperishables to a local hunger-relief charity in your area.
  • MAIL checks to IOCC using the Souper Bowl Sunday mailer your parish received. 
  • DEBRIEF your Souper Bowl experience with the youth to reinforce the messages of service and volunteerism with the youth.

Your monetary contribution on Souper Bowl Sunday can help neighbors in need in the following ways:

$90—Provide Clean Drinking Water
With regular access to clean water, children's health improves, and families can irrigate crops to improve their nutrition. Families who have clean water can cook safely, wash clothes, and bathe their children. Your gift of $90 is enough to provide an affected Syrian family with a water tank to store their clean drinking water.

$250—Sponsor a Teacher
IOCC has been working to provide children in Haiti with educational assistance since the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Our assistance includes technical guidance and financial support to Orthodox schools that provide kindergarten and primary education. Your gift of $250 can help cover one primary or kindergarten teacher’s salary so they can continue teaching those in need.

$430—Provide a Hearing Aid Device
For many Syrian and Jordanian children, getting enough food or water is their biggest challenge, but children with hearing impairments also face difficulty getting an education and communicating with family and peers. With $430, IOCC can provide one hearing aid to enhance a hearing-impaired Syrian or Jordanian child’s ability to succeed in school and, ultimately, society.

$900—Sponsor a High-Schooler at Serv-X-Treme
IOCC's youth conference is designed to pair an Orthodox understanding of philanthropy and service (diakonia) with hands-on service opportunities. Each day includes time for worship, instruction, service in the community, reflection, and fellowship. The conference aims to have a participant from every metropolis and diocese under the Assembly of Bishops, fostering relationships, as well. Your gift of $900 is enough to cover one participant's cost, allowing the next generation of Orthodox Christians to grow in their faith as they put it into action.

Click below to download Souper Bowl annoucements in PDF format for your parish bulletin:

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If you donate and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from International Orthodox Christian Charities.

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