Bringing Crucial Health Services to Lebanon

2021_UNICEF_Karatina_PHC_2.jpegServing in an area hard hit by the Beirut explosion, the Karantina clinic is providing residents with basic health services.
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A Program Built in Partnership with UNICEF
“If it wasn’t for this program,” said Marina, age 74, “I would have lost my life.”
Marina is one of many residents of Beirut who have benefited from a comprehensive public health program implemented by IOCC, in partnership with UNICEF.
Over the past three years, Lebanon has been hit by an economic crisis, the devastating Beirut port explosion, and the COVID-19 pandemic—in addition to becoming home to over 800,000 refugees (UNHCR). All this has left many unable to afford basics including medical treatment.
To reach some of those most in need, IOCC is helping three health clinics serve more people in the Karantina neighborhood, a densely populated area affected by the Beirut explosion. At each facility, diagnostic tests are free, and consultations cost just 15 cents.
The program was featured in a Forbes article on UNICEF partnerships—and, more important, it is saving lives. Marina, for example, had suffered from chronic pain for three years but couldn’t afford an expensive private clinic. After visiting one of the IOCC-supported clinics, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The cancer was detected early enough to be treated with surgery, and Marina is feeling much better. “Thank you,” she said, “for saving my life.”
Patients at the Karantina clinic, where they receive basic health services thanks to an IOCC program.

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