At IOCC we're creating a ripple effect to help solve both short-term and long-term issues related to podoconiosis. Will you help us reach our goal of $135,000?

Progress: 6%
Progress: 6%
Raised: $ 8369     Goal: $ 135000

What can your gift do?

Here are just some of the ways that your gifts to IOCC serve people facing great need in Ethiopia.

These gifts are, of course, symbolic, so no matter which you choose, please know that you’re helping where it’s needed most in Ethiopia. Together, we can offer hope and help create a better tomorrow.*

$12: Your gift of $12 can educate one person about the cause and prevention of podo, and help them regain their health and place as a productive member of society.

$25: Your gift of $25 can provide wash basins for 15 patients to use in self-treatment.

$50: Your gift of $50 can help IOCC train 2 people as community leaders who in turn teach others how to prevent and treat podo.

$500: Your gift of $500 is enough to help IOCC train a health professional in podo management and disability AND train 2 community leaders in podo prevention and treatment AND treat 20 patients' podo-related swelling.

$1,000: Your gift of $1,000 can help IOCC install a water tank at a health center—where water is crucial to treating podo.

Can we count on you to make a gift today to help us reach our goal of $135,000? This will help us eliminate podo today!


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IOCC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, FEIN: 25-1679348

*Notice to Donors: The IOCC projects and specific uses of funds described are general, and may apply to different projects at multiple locations. Individual projects and activities may be modified, reprioritized, or replaced periodically. Donors' gifts will be included in funds allocated from time to time to support projects in Ethiopia on the basis of current and future needs and priorities, in IOCC's discretion.